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NPC Company (non politically correct)                  "Books and videos which are non politically correct. Primarily Christian in nature.

This company has begun for three reasons:  1. Its founder is fed-up with the filthy, rotten, pagan, godless, pathetic, politically-correct philosophy that has permeated our society. There is something therapeutic about doing something to correct it.   2. A desire to disseminate some of the material which has benefited me (the founder) personally.   3. A  need for extra income. Please examine the following material. This is the best I have encountered over the past twenty years.
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Updated October, 2022
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General Interest
Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) A week-long seminar held in nearly 100 locations throughout the USA and a growing number of foreign countries. More valuable than a college education. Takes the place of; marriage counseling, parent training, drug counseling, financial counseling, psychiatry treatments, and anything else you can think of for personal well-being. I consider Bill Gothard to be a modern day Solomon. Definitely Bible based.  For brochure send self-addressed stamped envelope or free upon request with any order.
Treasures of the Snow (video) The best Christian movie I have ever seen. Filmed in the Swiss Alps, highest quality technical production, and beautiful story line makes for a memorable experience for the whole family. The rich lessons taught are an example of the types of lessons learned at the Institute in Basic Life Principles Seminar. 110 min $20.00
The Pineapple Story (video)  Otto Kroning describes his missionary experiences. The lessons he learned about personal rights, over seven years, are pertinent to all of us. A very interesting and sometimes humorous lecture. 50 minutes $20.00
Tanglewoods' Secret (video)  A family film which demonstrates the story of the shepard and the sheep through the life of a little girl. 80 minutes $16.00
The Silent Scream  Using the graphic power of ultrasound, former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson narrates what takes place during a first trimester abortion. We do not carry many short videos - but this one is worth it. 28 minutes (video $20.00) (DVD $25.00)
Creation and the MRI (DVD) by Dr. Raymond Damadian - inventor of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  Dr. Damadian, a creationist, describes how he and his colleagues invented the MRI and the providential sequence of events involved. 37 minutes  $10.00
The Gift Within The Leslie Lemke Story and Concert (video) Carl Baugh begins with a discussion of what an idiot savant is and describes the life of Leslie Lemke. Leslie then gives a piano and song concert for over an hour. Many moving moments. 120 min $20.00
Newton's Prophesies of Daniel (book) by Sir Isaac Newton  A book you can't find in your school library. This reprint has been made as an exact photographic duplicate of Thomas Jefferson's personal copy. 323 pages  $20.00
The Tom Papania Story: From Mafia to Minister (video) Wise Guy.. Mobster.. Enforcer.. Gangster.., were names used to describe Tom Papania. Beginning at age 15, Tom's goal in life was to make Al Capone look like an amateur. Working his way up in the Gambino crime family, he answered only to Paul Castellano. This is truely an amazing story of a man who went from Mafia to Minister. 84 min  $20.00
Untold Stories of Columbine: The True Story of Rachel Scott's Life-Giving Testimony (video)  The age old question "Where is God in the midst of tragedy?" is given a near definitive answer by this story. Because of the nature of this film, NPC Company buys this video at the same price we sell them. When you see it you will understand why. 80 min $20.00
Amazing Grace: 5 Hymns that changed the World (video)  See and hear the moving stories behind five of our most beloved hymns: Amazing Grace, It Is Well With My Soul, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Silent Night, How Great Thou Art. Beautiful visuals as each hymn is performed by solosists and choirs.  70 min $20.00
Sarah Brightman In Concert (video)  The greatest singer in the world sings at the Royal Albert Hall. Special guests are Andrea Bocelli and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Song list: Bailero; Chanson Espagnol; O Mio Babbino Caro; Solveig's Song; Summertime; Pie Jesu; Medley (Somewhere/ I Feel Pretty/ Tonight); Tu Quieres Volver; Who Wants To Live Forever; Whistle Down the Wind; Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again; The Music of the Night; Time To Say Goodbye; Don't Cry For Me Argentina  75 min $20.00
Ronan Tynan: The Impossible Dream (DVD) Concert recorded live at the RDS, Dublin in June 2002. Includes interview with Ronan Tynan. limited supply   120 min $15.00
Joseph in Egypt: Fact or Fiction? (video) Dr. Charles Aling, Professor of History at Northwestern College, Minnesota, evaluates the secular Egyptian history which authenticates the story and person of Joseph. He examines recent archaeological discoveries with what is known of Egyptian titles, and with slavery customs of the times.                                  90 min $18.00
Quest for the Aucas (video)  In 1956 five missionaries were killed by the Waodani (Aucas), Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming .  Nate’s sister Rachel and son Stephen minister among these people. As seen on TV.    30 min $15.00
Evolution and the White House (bookmark) by Darrell Ayers  Describes the relationship between evolution and women's lib, and how it affects the Whitehouse. 10 cents see Table of Contents
God's Promise to the Chinese (book)  by Ethel Nelson, Richard Broadberry, Ginger Tong Chock  The oracle bone writing is the most ancient known Chinese writing. This book shows how the ancient Chinese characters are derived from events and ideas in the book of Genesis. 140 pages  $11.00
The Genesis Record "In Ancient Chinese Characters" (video)  by Richard Broadberry   Lecture discussing the material in the above book "God's Promise to the Chinese" 78 min  $15.00
Commentary on Job  by Walter Lang   Over 10 hours on 2 DVD's      $10.00
Women Only
Training Our Daughters To Be Keepers At Home (book) by Mrs.Craig (Ann) Ward  Designed for mothers and daughters (age 10-18) as a 7 year program with day-by-day lesson plans to teach Christian homemaking skills designed to enable young women to enter adulthood with Godly character.  A book not endorsed by the NOW. Over 600 pages  $75.00  
Courses Include  see Table of Contents 
Men Only
The Whole Armour of God (video) by Peter Ruckman  One of my favorite sermons from one of my favorite preachers. Ruckman draws an illustrative picture as he preaches about a soldier.  For men only. 60 min. $20.00
Creation Science
The Genesis Flood (book) by Henry Morris  and John Whitcomb  First published in 1961. The primary book which ignited the current emphasis on Creation Science. Discusses the Earth's geological formations from the standpoint that Noah's Flood actually occurred. Morris received a Ph.D in Hydrology from the Univ. of Minnesota. 518 pages $13.00   see  
The Genesis Flood (video or DVD) by Henry Morris  If you have never seen or heard Dr. Henry Morris, this is a good video to have. A 55 minute presentation covering some of the points written about in the book "The Genesis Flood". $15.00 Table of Contents
The Quest For Noah's Ark (video) As seen on PBS TV Feb.1999. A very thorough account of the history of the search for Noah's Ark. New expeditions and scientific investigations using satellites, computers, and aerial spy cameras have provided amazing insights into the search. Astounding eyewitness accounts of sighting Noah's Ark. Filmed in the USA and Turkey. Created by Charles Sellier, hosted by Richard Blair. 92 minutes $20.00
Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study (book) by John Woodmorappe  A tremendously scholarly work which covers just about any question raised regarding Noah's Ark. 298 pages $22.00   
Noah's Ark: How Did God Do It? (video) Presentation given by John Woodmorappe at the Fourth International Conference on Creationism (1998). Gives a good overview of the above listed book "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study". 90 minutes $20.00
Mount St. Helens (video or DVD) One of the best Creation Science videos available. Dr. Steve Austin, Ph.D. in geology, shows how the events at Mount St. Helens clearly demonstrates the superiority of catastrophic geology over the uniformitarinism approach. Tremendous validation of Noah's Flood. 58 minutes $20.00
Creation's Tiny Mystery (book) 3rd edition by Robert Gentry  The full story of Polonium Halos - the microscopic spheres which defy evolutionary interpretation. 363 pages  $14.00
Fingerprints of Creation (video) by Robert Gentry  A detailed description of polonium halos - what they are, how they are formed, and the role they play in the discussion of Earth's origins. Gentry has discovered that granites contain beautiful microscopic coloration halos produced by the radioactive decay of primordial polonium. According to every basic principle of evolutionary theory, these halos shouldn't be there. 33 minutes $20.00
The Young Age of The Earth (video) by Robert Gentry  Powerful evidences for young age of the Earth. A few of the topics include; Polonium halos (evolutionists are having a fit over this one), polystrate fossils, rapid coal formation, origin and length of ice age, formation of Grand Canyon, recent fossil formations, etc. Much on site footage. 80 minutes $21.00
The Age of the Earth (video) by Bill Overn   Mr. Overn demolishes the standard interpretation of radiometric "isochron" dating. He demonstrates that the data show mixing rather than age. This lecture is both understandable and informative to anyone interested in the age of the earth question - from beginner to expert. Other age related topics are also discussed. Bill has lectured on creation for over 50 years.   88 minutes $16.00
An Interview with Creation Scientist Bill Overn (DVD) Interviewed by NPC Company owner Darrell Ayers on March 18th 2007. Bill talks about his years as a creation scientist including associations with Henry Morris, Thomas Barnes, Walter Lang, etc. Also includes discussion about physics & christianity.   124 minutes $12.00
Creation Evangelism (video) by Ken Ham  If you don't know what all the fuss is about concerning the Creation/Evolution debate, get this tape. 61 minutes $16.00
The Nature and Origin of the Genetic Code (video) by Gary Parker  A detailed study of the genetic code which shows that life is the result of special creation. A fascinating lecture for anyone interested in biochemistry. High school - adult level. Lecture given at the 1992 Creation Conference in Minneapolis. 75 min plus 15 min Q&A $20.00
Creation in Symphony: The Evidence (3 video series) by Carl Baugh  This exciting display of scientific evidence includes: Insight into why evolutionary scientists know their theory will not work. Documentation of the Paluxy River excavations showing the co-existence of man and dinosaurs. The unique special design of the human brain and personality. Actual footage of the search for Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat. Illustrations of design throughout nature. 290 technical footnote references. $60.00. Six - 45 minute lectures  $60.00  shipping $3.00
Where Are The Missing Links? (video) by Dennis Petersen  An examination of the so-called human evolutionary tree from Ramapithecus to modern man. 52 minutes $23.00
What Happens To The Craniofacial Structure of Humans Who Live Past 100 Years? (video) by Jack Cuozzo  This outstanding presentation demonstrates that the Neanderthals were not "transitional" but rather show they were people who lived long ages. Computer assisted extrapolation of skull growth studies with cephalometric radiographs has given visualization of craniofacial remains up to 500 years of age. It is concluded that the Neanderthals were the old peoples of the Bible. 90 minutes $20.00
Buried Alive (book) by Jack Cuozzo  As an orthodontist, Jack Cuzzo has done original research on Neanderthal skulls, demonstrating they are not human-ape transitions, but rather humans who lived to be very old. This is must material for anyone interested in the whole question of human ancestry. 349 pages $14.00
Life's Molecular Machines: by Chance or Design (video) by Dr. Jed Macosko  Dr. Macosko discusses cutting edge research on the structure and function of the molecular machines in living cells. Includes a tremendous computer animated virtual tour of the cell. 72 min $18.00
The Puzzle of Ancient Man (video) by Dr. Donald Chittick  Evidences for advanced ancient civilizations. Dr. Chittick is a long time creation speaker and has a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry. 
69 minutes $16.00
The Evolution Cruncher (paperback book) by Vance Ferrell  This book contains the most material for the least price of anything else we've seen. A tremendous source of information on the creation/evolution debate, containing a full range of scientific material.  Well worth having and giving.  928 pages $5.00
Bones of Contention  Revised & Updated (book)  by Marvin Lubenow  The best book on paleoanthropology (fossil man). A Creationist assessment of Human Fossils.
398 pages  Special price $10.00 while supply lasts (Normally $22.00)
Grand Canyon: Solving Earth's Grandest Puzzle (book 2005) by James Lawrence Powell  A secular book listing the major standard explanations for the formation of the Grand Canyon. Unintended encouragement to Creationist's.  295 pages $5.00 (retails for $27.95)
Gish-Awbrey Debate (video)  Full-scale debate between Dr. Duane Gish and Dr. Frank Awbrey, of San Diego State University. Dr. Gish is by far the leading creationist debator in the country. 120 min. $15.00
Age of the Earth Debate (video) A young-earth creationist (Kent Hovind) debates an old-earth creationist (Robert Gange). This is an outstanding debate.  86 min. $20.00
Is Evolution Compatible With The Christian Faith?  (DVD) John Polkinghorne, Englands most prominent theistic evolutionist  vs  John Mackay, international speaker and Australian Directer of Creation Research.  Held at Liverpool Cathedral, England to an audience of over 1000 on March 8th, 2005  90 min. $25.00
Geocentricity (book) by Gerardus Bouw  Does the Earth orbit the Sun, or does the Sun orbit the Earth? If you have even an ounce of political correctness in you - do not buy this book. This study is for free thinkers who are not intimidated by their peers. Bouw has a Ph.D. in Astronomy.   
400 pages $15.00    see  Table of Contents
Geocentricity, Relativity and the Big Bang: Was Copernicus Wrong? (book) by Russell Arndts (Retired Chemistry Professor)  This book will make you reexamine everything you thought you knew about the universe. It will help you answer the "light from distant stars in a young universe" problem. It will make clear that the Earth is the very centerpiece of God's creation.   243 pages $15.00
Physics  see Physics Seminar
Universal Force Approach to Creation by Charles Lucas Sept. 2007  2.5 hour powerpoint presentation with audio. Also 3 PDF files on disk: 1.Electrodynamic Origin of Inertial Forces; 2.The Electrodynamic Origin of the Force of Gravity; 3.Universal Force and Gravity   DVD  $10.00
A Reformation of Modern Science (video or DVD) by Charles Lucas  This is a must for anyone interested in physics. Lucas gives an overview of the distinction between secular vs Christian approach to science. Included is a detailed examination of how the theory of relativity is inconsistent with both real science and christianity. 115 min  $20.00
Conference lectures on Quantum Theory (video) 1. Dynamics of Real Particles vs. Maxwell's Equations, Relativity Theory, and Quantum Mechanics  by Charles Lucas  How the five empirical laws (Ampere's Law, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law, Gauss's Laws (magnetic and electro-static)) are used to replace quantum mechanics and relativity theory.  2. New Spinning Charged Ring Model of the Electron  by David Bergman. A model of the electron based upon the principles of classical physics. Technical talks given at the 1992 Twin Cities Creation Conference in Minneapolis. Demonstrates the superiority of Classical Physics over Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics.  $20.00
Atomic Structure: Why Do We Care? (video) by Glen Collins  Presents the Common Sense Science model of atomic structure, the first comprehensive alternative to the Standard Model's 'particle zoo' of quarks, gluons, mesons, etc. Also explains why alternatives are important for scientists to be aware of to combat anti-God theories based upon relativistic and randomness-oriented scientific models.  90 min.  $16.00
Time, Motion and Relativity, Common Sense Science (video) by Glen Collins 
A continuation of the above talk.  110 min.  $16.00
Real Progress Toward A Theory of Everything (DVD) by Glen Collins 
Nov. 20th 2006  An excellent technical talk given to a general audience. Discusses: New Universal Force Law; Derivation of Gravitational Force Law; Electromagnetic Model of Matter; New Atomic Model; Astronomical implications; etc.  104 min.  $16.00
America's Godly Heritage (video) by David Barton  Do you want to know what the founding fathers said about the role of religion in government? No? Chicken!  59 minutes. $20.00
Institute on the Constitution-a study on Christianity and the law of the land (3 video series or DVD) by John Eidsmoe  Twelve 30-minute lectures by John Eidsmoe, a professor of constitutional law. $60.00-includes postage    see  Table of Contents
Each item on this list has been personnally selected and is considered by myself to be of much greater value than its cost. If you are not completely satisfied with any item you obtain from NPC Company, return it for a full refund.
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